The Impact in Action

Industry Impact

Despite the absence of our annual fundraising events and activities, your continued support allowed us to make a difference when it was needed the most. Through your generous contributions and unwavering commitment to prepare the business events community for the next normal, over $900K was invested in the future of our industry – supporting the upskilling of over 400 business event professionals and students, publishing transformational research studies, and providing financial contributions to organizations supporting those most in need.

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  • PCMA Foundation Board Chair Predicts ‘Stronger, More Progressive Industry’

    Angie Ranalli, 2021 Chair of the PCMA Foundation Board, looks back on a year of challenges and successes, and the changes the pandemic has brought to the business events industry. […]

  • PCMA Foundation Announces Cele Fogarty Scholarship Fund

    To honor Cecilia “Cele” Agnes Fogarty’s commitment and passion for education, the Cele Fogarty Scholarship Fund will support event professionals with opportunities to advance their skills and proficiency in the field of event management. […]

  • How Business Events Can Help Australia and Puerto Rico

    As Australia and Puerto Rico cope with bushfires and the aftermath of a series of earthquakes, there are opportunities for the events industry to come to their aid, says PCMA President and CEO Sherrif Karamat. Here’s what PCMA is doing, and how you can help. […]

  • How to Help Those in Hurricane Dorian’s Path

    With Hurricane Dorian bearing down on the Southeastern United States, the PCMA Foundation on Friday was calling for donations to its Industry Relief Fund, which helps members of the events industry affected by disasters, including catastrophic storms. Dorian, swirling in the western Atlantic, was expected to make landfall in the Florida/Georgia area over the holiday […]

Community Impact

2019 PCMA Convening Leaders Social Impact

2,134 menstrual kits for Pittsburgh-area women’s shelters
2,000 kits for local first responders and overseas troops
2,000 creativity kits benefiting Pittsburgh public schools
240 street outreach bags for victims of human trafficking
200 newborn essentials kits for moms-to-be

2019 Party with a Purpose

$15,000 in support of World Affairs Council

2019 Party with a Purpose

$10,000 in support of Living in Liberty

2019 Hospitality Helping Hands

$10,000 in support of Beverly’s Birthdays

2018 Give Back Bash

$10,000 in support of College Now Greater Cleveland

2018 Visionary Awards

$10,000 in support of the American Experience Foundation

2018 Party with a Purpose

$25,000 in support of W.O Smith
Music School

Scholarship Recipients

The Foundation provides substantial financial support to advance professional growth. We awarded 156 scholarships in nearly two dozen categories this year to college students and business events professionals around the world to enhance their careers.

Education Conference All Access Pass Scholarship

  • Sara Arp
  • Michele Shry
  • Valerie Geisendorfer
  • Carrie Huffhines
  • Carrie Lucas

Convening Leaders Medical Professional Scholarship

  • Racheal McDonald
  • Katherine Ort
  • Jenna Blandi-Jurgil
  • Megan Finnell
  • Melissa Jarvis

Convening Leaders All Access Pass Professional Scholarship

  • Jennifer Ludwig
  • Jodie Wilmot
  • Kristin Pichon
  • Suzette Hewitt
  • JR Treto
  • Christopher Jameson
  • Liz Goad
  • Colleen Hughes
  • Peter Bordes
  • Lisa Yonkers

Chapter Leaders Scholarship

  • Jesus Aparicio
  • Diane Kovats
  • Havovie Suraliwalla
  • Kelsey Soukup
  • Emily Houg
  • Jennifer Welding
  • Terry Dougherty
  • Una Kilberg
  • Lisa McGlashen
  • Jessica Levin
  • Pamela Diecidue
  • Sarah Artha
  • Nann Phillips
  • Meilissa Abuel
  • Mary-Anne Van Slingerland
  • Patty Amos
  • Kelly Jena
  • Carolynn Santos

Convening Leaders Faculty Scholarship

  • Andrew Fraser
  • Eunice Yoo
  • Seonjeong Ally Lee
  • Leslie Scamacca
  • Kimberly Severt
  • Kristin Malek
  • Shatina Chen
  • Ziyi Tan

20 in their Twenties

  • Edward Bagsic
  • Raul Cavazos-Binder
  • Jared Chambers
  • Emily Dietrich
  • Molly Holt
  • Kara Hsu
  • Veronika Dimitrova
  • Andrea Lane
  • Janelle Lewis
  • Chad Manhertz
  • Femke Morelisse
  • Greg Morris
  • Laura Neufeld
  • Khadijah Nimrod
  • Olivia Pelzer
  • Gita Pun
  • Giulia Ineke Sarri
  • Erin Simcox
  • Kevin J Thompson
  • Lindsay Williams

Deborah Sexton Education Scholarship

  • Beatriz Lopez
  • Catherine Lovett
  • Kate Hibbard
  • Shayna Kritz Moskowitz

Foundation Scholars Program

  • Zahria Barber
  • Katelyn Croy
  • Abigail Hayes
  • Julia Martinez
  • Maddie McGeary

Continuing Education Scholarship

  • Marsha Marie Comito
  • Erin Parsons
  • Jenny Viviana Cano

Legacy Society Student Scholarship

  • Spencer Fee
  • Abbie Vance
  • Alexa Vergelli

Roy B. Evans Student Scholarship

  • Jaylin Chadwell
  • Sarah Michelson

Greater Midwest Chapter Scholarship

  • Arielle Barlage

Student Chapter of the Year

  • Washington State University
  • Michigan State University

Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship

  • Hannah Astarita
  • Kevin De Jesus
  • Ivana Ferro
  • Jessica Jones
  • Larry Kaster
  • Rachael Nowak
  • Alisa Prachan
  • Jocelyn Simms
  • Elena Wells
  • Yu Ye

North American Student Competition

  • Brooks Hetle
  • Bailey Brown
  • Andie Contreras
  • Tia’ Gamble
  • Cameryn Rasmussen

Convening Leaders Global Scholarship

  • Deanna Varga
  • Mohamed Mezghani
  • Nicole Kaijser
  • Indre Rutkauskaite

SACEOS Student Competition

  • Ziyi Tan
  • Michelle Wong Wen Yue
  • Wai Yin Ting
  • Nur Syafiqah Binte Sazali
  • Jeslin Chua
  • Yu Qi Ong
  • Tiffany Chan
  • Yun Yu

Influencers Summit

  • Robert Bagust
  • Sarah Burnett
  • Tatia Burduli
  • Tracy Bury
  • Jane Culcheth-Beard
  • Valerie de Kergorlay
  • Laetitia Delzenne
  • Elisha Hagger
  • Frederic Hoffmann
  • Simon Hughes
  • Maayke Konneman
  • Lisanne Losier
  • Gwydion Lyn
  • Katherine McCartney.
  • Chloe Menhinick
  • Penny Newton
  • Holger Omlor
  • Adrian Ott
  • Marie Claire Pickaert
  • Annalisa Ponchia
  • Darragh Quinn
  • Finola Quinn
  • Jordi Roca Solà
  • Felix Rundel
  • Luca Segantini
  • Bonny (Benjamin) Shapira
  • Kai Troll
  • Carola van der Hoeff
  • Abbie Vance
  • Tereza Vrankova
  • Andrea Weidinger


  • Gary Bender
  • Li Xiao Li
  • Wang Wen Jing
  • Fang Xiao Chun
  • Liu Yong
  • Chen Hai Shan
  • Paitara Chaochalard
  • Eric Lin Kuan-Wen
  • Amy Lim
  • Zhang Wei
  • Ivy Chia
  • Narae Lee
  • Jackie Lee
  • Esther Chan
  • Chloe Lai
  • Ma Raysolyn Natividad
  • Nicole Pang
  • Leo Guan
  • Crystal Xiong
  • Alice Chen
  • Patty Wang
  • Zhou Yu Teng
  • Lyu Dongli
  • Rachele Lim Ho Yan

Giving Good

Giving Good is a comprehensive online resource for event organizers to find, vet and book community impact projects. This industry resource provides a snapshot of key information you need to add a give-back element to your event. You can connect with other event organizers, get additional information from destination service departments, or reach out to the community impact project directly for more information.

Giving Good is your first stop when booking your event’s community outreach program.

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