2014 Chairman of the Board of Directors

2019 PCMA Foundation Lifetime Achievement Honoree

Chris advocated for event professionals to have a seat at the table. “By virtue of their role,” Chris told Convene in a 2015 interview, “meeting professionals — unlike many other positions within an organization — have exposure to executive leadership at the volunteer and staff level and the opportunity to demonstrate their value to the organization. This is where meeting professionals have the chance, which may not be afforded to other staff, to advocate for themselves.”

If your corporation or association is interested in donating, please contact JoAnn Bedrosian Ryan at [email protected]. We can discuss a deferred payment plan or a pledge letter.

*Donors outside of the United States can go to foundation.pcma.org/donate and select the option “In Honor of” and type “Chris Wehking”.

Text to donate:

If you live in the United States, send a text to 41444. Enter prefix “WEHKING,” the dollar amount, your first name and last name.

Example: WEHKING 100 Jane Doe. You will then receive a link to complete the payment process.

If you live outside the U.S, visit the PCMA Foundation’s donation page.

“Chris made so many contributions during his time on the board and was especially instrumental in our efforts to become a more global association. As an executive in the medical meetings sector, Chris also helped PCMA remain in the forefront of medical events, sharing his knowledge of the latest regulations and codes that have had an impact on those events.”

Sherrif Karamat, CAE
President and CEO


“Value each person. Chris built not only a loyal team but literally a global fan base by treating each person, coworker, subordinate, and professional colleague with caring and respect. He took a particular interest in offering the resources and assistance people needed so they could contribute to the best of their ability. Mentorship and career development were core values for Chris. When an individual was struck by a life challenge, an illness, loss of a loved one, or damage from a disaster, he was the first to reach out with an offer of support and would enlist others in this effort as well.”

Paul Pomerantz
ASA Chief Executive Officer


“I had the privilege of being hired by Chris in 2014 at the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). He was a wonderful mentor, advocate, and friend. For Chris, ‘connection’ and ‘experience’ weren’t just industry buzzwords, but a way of life. He took the time to personally connect with each individual he met, whether it was the CEO or the cleaning crew. Chris always found a commonality with others, around the world, whether it was children, sports, motorcycles, music or even growing up on a farm.”

Sarah Braun
Director of Component and Intersociety Relations


“Chris mentored many and befriended more. Chris was a best friend. We shared many good times; whether it was on the golf course, industry events, pool time at a “Summit”, dinner, or dinner with friends, watching the horses run in Louisville, bourbon trail, a beer at Richards Bar, or sharing a bottle of “Pappy” passed between our homes. No matter the occasion, Chris would bring his girls into the conversation, Shirley “the bride” or his daughters, Maddie or Lindsey.

His love for them was true and honest. Chris’ other passion was helping others to succeed in their workplace. He mentored many co-workers throughout his career. Whether it was with the Hardware Association, Plastic Surgeons, or Anesthesiologists it really did not matter. His plate was always full, but he made time to talk and listen. Chris believed in creating opportunities for others.”

John “Jack” Patronski
Retired Executive Vice President – Industry Development


Thank you for supporting the Chris Wehking Education Scholarship Fund. 

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Help others by raising significant funds to create scholarships for those deserving individuals. Allow them to further their education and learnings and continue growing within their careers. And as Chris would promote, to advance and “get a seat at the table.” Our goal is to fund 1,000 scholarships for the next generation of business event professionals. Your donation is integral to continuing Chris’ legacy of mentoring and developing young professionals.

Send check payment to:
PCMA Foundation
Re: Chris Wehking
38407 Eagle Way
Chicago, IL 60678-1352

We thank you for your consideration in honoring Chris Wehking for his contributions to PCMA and the industry. 100% of the funds will be used for scholarships in his name.

Jojo DuChris Wehking Education Scholarship Fund