Foundation Week of Giving – Social Media Toolkit

The PCMA Foundation’s Week of Giving is coming up soon! Using the sample copy and images below, please craft and send a few posts to help us spread the word. Each day has a different theme that we’ve provided samples for. THANK YOU for supporting the best in business events!

Share any of the social media images below. Click to access its full size and save them by right-clicking/dragging/ on your computer or long-pressing on your device. Each social image is sized for sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp.

DAY 0: Preview

  • There are so many ways to give back to the #businessevents industry. Be a part of the #PCMAFoundation’s Week of Giving and support scholarships, charitable giving and research to help build the transformational power of events:
  • As #eventprofs, we create new opportunities to elevate cities and communities around the world. Help the #PCMAFoundation continue to build our transformational industry through education, scholarships and more during our Week of Giving:
  • The #PCMAFoundation Week of Giving (Nov. 4-8) is the perfect chance to show the power #eventprofs have to improve our industry! Help establish scholarships, fund research and support charitable giving in the communities where we meet:

DAY 1, Nov. 4: Build a Strong Foundation

  • Be a part of the #PCMAFoundation team! Support the future of the events industry by donating at
  • The #PCMAFoundation empowers individuals and advances innovations that fuel the future of business events. Support the future of our industry by donating at
  • The #PCMAFoundation empowers #eventprofs and advances innovations that fuel the future of #businessevents. See how you can contribute to the Week of Giving and help build our industry:
  • Thanks to the generosity of more than 2,000 individual donors and supporters, and 250 organizations that are aligned and connected with the PCMA mission, the #empowers #eventprofs to create the future of business events. Propel the future of our industry and donate today:

DAY 2, Nov. 5: Fund the Future Through Scholarships

  • The #PCMAFoundation helps promising students and professionals get the education and resources they need to advance their careers. Everyone starts somewhere! Help build the #businessevents industry’s next generation by donating:
  • Can you help an emerging events professional reach their next goal? Donate to one of the many #PCMAFoundation scholarships and help build the next generation of #eventprofs:
  • Help emerging #eventprofs reach their next goal. Be a part of the #PCMAFoundation Week of Giving and support the transformational power of #businessevents around the world:

DAY 3, Nov. 6: Shop Our Store

  • Look good, feel good, do good: Wear your heart on your sleeve (or your hat, or your onesie) when you buy PCMA or #eventboss swag from the PCMA Store. Purchases benefit #PCMAFoundation scholarships, research and charitable giving!
  • Dress like an #eventboss! All PCMA swag purchases benefit #PCMAFoundation scholarships, research, and charitable giving:
  • Dress like an #eventboss and support the #PCMAFoundation mission to transform communities through business events! Visit our shop during the Week of Giving (all proceeds go to the Foundation):

DAY 4, Nov. 7: Live the Dream with a Raffle Ticket

  • Live the Dream! The Foundation Raffle features two amazing dream-vacation prizes this year — and two chances to win with each ticket. All proceeds benefit the #PCMAFoundation:
  • Win ONE or BOTH of the prizes in this year’s #PCMAFoundation Raffle! Proceeds for each ticket benefit the Foundation’s scholarships, research initiatives, and charitable giving:

DAY 5, Nov. 8: Leave Your Legacy with a Deferred Gift

  • One of the most generous ways you can give back to the industry you love is through a Legacy gift to the #PCMAFoundation. See the Legacy Society’s current members and learn more:


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Nick TannFoundation Week of Giving – Social Media Toolkit